Sep. 21, 2014

Mission Possible

Oftentimes when God has an assignment for you, it seems that the deliberation of fulfilling the task is much greater than the actual execution of the task. What's impossible to you is achievable for God. There are couples whose broken marriages will be restored through the example of your Godly marriage, if you allow God to use you as a paradigm.

The word impossible is not in God’s vocabulary because he has unassembled, rethought and rearranged it into possible.  Remember, with him all things are possible to them who believe.  Allow your belief to outshine your issues so that relationships that are not as mature as yours can see the light of God through your unconditonal love for one another.

When coupled with a strong desire to channel God’s will for your married life, he will provide a conduit to release the blessings that have been called into being so that other couples will be blessed by your witness.

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