We Put A Ring On IT

We Put A Ring On It is a compilation of various precepts that will empower married couples to livetheir lives as a cohesive unit. It incorporates God's word which demonstrates how to live on spiritual principles and purpose. 

This book provides the necessary tools to equip any couple on how to handle conflict, rilvary, spiritual differences and negative devices that may threaten to weaken their bond.

Purchase at www.marilynfendersonministries.com

Spilling the Tea: A daily cup of Wisdom

Spilling the Tea: A Daily Cup of Wisdom is an anthology of inspirational affirmations that have been downloaded into my spirit through divine revelation from God. It is thirty one declarations of wisdom that will inspire you to live a purpose driven life by disconnecting yourself from ungodly rhetoric and divisiveness.

The phrase “spilling the tea” means to disclose juicy information but this spilled tea will provide Godly wisdom and a positive spin on various subjects to reset and renew your mind. It will elevate your thoughts, revolutionize your thinking and ultimately enhance your quality of life. Wisdom is an attribute of God that provides spiritual insight and knowledge on how to live. Therefore my book is designed to serve up a cup of encouragement as healing to promote wellness for the mind, soul and spirit. 

Spilling The Tea: A Daily Cup of Wisdom can be purchased at www.marilynfendersonministries.com/books for an autographed copy or www.amazon.com

Book Signing

Book Signing

Book Signing

Tapped For God's Blessing

Tapped for God’s Blessing is a guide to uncovering your God given assignment through the gifts that are deep inside of you and understanding that it’s all made possible through God’s blessing. So many people struggle to comprehend why they behave in a certain manner or why they are driven to do certain things in life.

This book will help you to learn how to understand God’s covenant and unlock unrealized potential so that you can recognize your true calling. If you don’t understand the promises of God you will not be able to fully grasp the magnitude of what he has placed on the inside of you. I pray that your journey to discovering your true self is enlightened through the revelation knowledge that God has given me.

Barnes and Noble Book Signing

Barnes and Noble Book Signing

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