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Email Mar. 8, 2013

Pastor Chip Fenderson

Dear Pastor Marilyn,
It is a honor to be married to such a great mother, spouse and an a mighty Woman of God. I see it first hand everyday on everything you have written about to encourage other married couples they can and will make it. So continue
to let God use you and the gifts he has bless you with.

Email Mar. 7, 2013

Dr. Margo P. Nance

Pastor Marilyn,
Thank God first for knowing you and Pastor Chip for over 15 years +. As a neighbor and friend, you have been such an integrous, strong and courageous woman who has blossomed into a mighty Women of God. I pray that the anointing that
is on you continue to spread throughout the world. God bless you as you minister His word - without wavering but under the power and authority that is given to you. Now unto Him that is able to keep you.......... Jude 1:24

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