Cost list

Minsterial Services

We provide services to ensure you are equipped to handle life events and circumstances. Contact us to schedule a free assessment which will help to structure your needs and determine the best service and cost suitable for you.

Speaking Engagements


Contact us to assess your needs and expenses for speaking in order to determine a fair honorarium

Relationship Coaching

50 mins Session_$160-$210

This coaching service will help you to develop healthy relationships that are built on respect, honesty, communication, responsibility and trust. I use Godly principles as the foundation to empower and promote growth in your relationships whether it is a martial, familial, friendship or business relationship.

Marriage Counseling

50 mins Session_$160-$210

We utilize Godly precepts to help married couples to live their lives as a cohesive unit and provide the necessary tools to navigate through adverse situations and negative influences while trusting God through the process. This includes a free copy of our book We Put A Ring On It.

Weddings/Marriage Ceremonies

Starting at $300

We will perform weddings, marriage ceremonies, vow renewal ceremonies, rehearsal as well as conduct premarital counseling as needed. Contact us to assess your needs and to identify the appropriate cost.

Funerals and Graveside Services

Starting at $200

We perform funeral services as well as graveside services. Contact us to assess your needs and to identify the appropriate cost.

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