Pastor Francis Fenderson III

Pastor Francis Fenderson III is an Author and Kingdom builder with an apostolic calling to preach, teach and heal broken marriages using God's Word. Pastor Fenderson was called to ministry at an early age; he was mentored by his late Grandfather Reverend David Mathewson Sr. of the St. Stephens Congregation Baptist Church of Beaufort, N.C., Bishop Ralph Donnie Graves of the Deliverance Temple of Truth Holy Church of Fayetteville, N.C. and a host of so many anointed men and woman of God. Being the oldest of four boys to his parents, through many trials and tribulations in life he began to realize what his specific divine purpose was and pursued after God even more. Along with his wife they are Overseers and founders of One Flesh Worldwide Ministries and the creators of the marriage site Happy Wife Content Husband. He also has co authored the book We Put a Ring On It.

Through appearances on TV and radio broadcasts, he and his wife reach souls throughout Chicago land and Northwest Indiana, where they preach and teach the uncompromising Word of God with purity, simple wisdom, and revelation.

God has truly blessed him and he is sold out to spreading his word through evangelizing, counseling, and teaching. He is a man of moral values and lives what he preaches. The special gifts of God do not just quit with him. God has blessed him with a powerful Woman of God, Pastor Marilyn Fenderson and two beautiful children who have a hunger and a thirst for Jesus Christ just like their parents.

He and his wife are called to minister to the broken marriages by giving them God's Word for the end result of restoration to hurting relationships. Along with giving a word to the sick, the lost. Backslider and those that just feel like they cannot make it anymore. Pastor Fenderson will continue to love, pray and win souls for God. Thank you to a wife and family for having a husband and a father who they can be proud to say he is truly a Man of God on the battlefield for the Lord!    

Kind regards

Francis Fenderson III

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